Another Horse Quilt or Never Say Never

Just completed a custom “wild horse romp” quilt. It’s my second one. 


I swore I’d never make another.


Too many teensy pieces .  .  . very time consuming . . . 


I said, “You’ll have to wait two months before I can start.” The prospective client said, “Thank you so much!” How could I not respond to such friendly enthusiasm?


It’s so worth the effort when you work with such a lovely client! Maureen wanted this quilt for her “little barn woman cave” and can’t wait to show it to her horse trainer daughter.  


We conversed online, shared ideas, discussed fabrics and preferences.  She talked about her border collies and white and brown spotted horse.  It has been such a nice experience; an invitation to visit was even offered!  This quilt has been tissued, wrapped and shipped off to Shelter Island. I left her a little surprise on the back. 🙂 Hope it arrives today! 


Have a good week – – Joanne

10 thoughts on “Another Horse Quilt or Never Say Never

  1. It’s Beautiful!….Well worth it. The horses are just awesome. I’ve been there…swearing never to make a “NewYorkBeauty” quilt again…and did. She is going to love love love it. 🙂

    1. What a nice compliment! Thank you so much, Linda. Is the “NewYorkBeauty” on your blog? I’d like to view it.

      1. Most welcome. It’s posted on my blog. Post is Christmas Quilts on Dec. 2014. Scroll half way down it’s red, green and gold. 🙂

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