Memorial Quilts

I’ve never given much thought towards “memorial quilts” and what they might entail. I recently had the privilege to work on one for a colleague.  There wasn’t much to work with, very few outfits, as her sweet baby girl passed at four months of age many years ago.Baby_Memorial1

What a humbling opportunity. Although, I did not know this mother so long ago when this tragedy happened, working on this quilt was a little emotional for me. Each little smocked dress or printed sleeper has a story I am sure. 


I have a new found perspective, respect, and awareness of what a memorial quilt might mean to the receiver. 


IMG_0542 (1)

Baby Memorial Quilt
Baby Memorial Quilt

I enjoyed the challenge of maintaining the character of each piece of clothing or accessory (collars, smocking, weaving or embroidery), making this unique quilt one-of-a-kind. 

Have a good day! – – Joanne


2 thoughts on “Memorial Quilts

  1. Absolutely adorable! I agree with you, what a humbling opportunity. As always, well done.

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