Garage Laundry Nook: Part 2

As a good portion of the U.S. has been sweltering in this unbearable heat; we’ve continued to work on the garage laundry nook area while taking many water and puppy breaks. Wait. What? May I introduce little Tollach, better known as Tolly, our 9-week old maltipoo puppy.


He’s a cutie, but when he naps we’re back in the garage.  A lot has happened in one week in our garage. The new wall has been taped and mudded, the cabinets and wet clothes hang drying area are installed, the ceiling and walls primed and painted. Isn’t it amazing how paint improves any area? 😉


We saved on costs by re-using the original shelving. The shelving was removed, reconfigured and reconstructed to produce several storage areas and a shelf behind the washer and dryer.  The framework for a utility sink to the right of the washer is in progress.


I spray painted old closet brackets for the wet clothes hang drying rods, which also upholds additional shelving. I am so happy to have the four laundry basket cubbies (it beats having wet beach towels thrown on the floor). The folding counter is framed in and waiting for the laminate countertop.


We considered and discarded adding a wall around the water heater and furnace. Space is too tight if ever a repair would be needed (Murphy’s Law, right? 😀 ). The cement floor has also been subject to much debate. Laminate? Paint? After researching the necessary work involved, the decision was made to leave it as is.

We plan to work on the countertop and sink area this weekend. More to decide: shall I paint, stain or leave the exposed wood as is? 

Have a good week! – – Joanne

Garage Laundry Nook: Part 1

5 thoughts on “Garage Laundry Nook: Part 2

  1. oh, that puppy! Joanne, you lucky duck to have what appears to be a living stuffed toy. He is too cute to be real.
    I vote for staining the unfinished wood…less upkeep than paint if you seal it well. The laundry room is very nice. Now how are you going to get those people using beach towels to put them in the baskets?

    1. Ha! You’re right, Ginene! It may be too much effort to place the towels in the baskets! 😀 But, I will insist in my sweetest voice.

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