Field Trip: Alison Glass Studio

Recently I had the privilege to visit textile designer, Alison Glass‘, home studio. I’ve been quilting for a little over two years and find field trips like this very exciting and educational. I’m so glad she invited our guild into her studio. I’ll let the images do the walking and talking . . . af1qipom8gydi5cfcayp3wvb4e_pf4dakyc5vdjrhnmxi

A designer for Andover fabrics; her fabrics vibrate with rich color against the confines of the stark white studio.


Here and there one finds examples of her work on everyday objects.  




It was exciting to visit and see the process of how an idea comes to fruition. It’s an incredible amount of steps to get to the end point.




My lofty goal for 2017 is to make a quilt for me, myself and I using the Sun Print and Penny fabric lines. 😀  Wish me luck!

Happy Everything! – – Joanne


5 thoughts on “Field Trip: Alison Glass Studio

  1. I found this post very interesting. I buy modern fabric to recover antique overstuffed chairs and I am gaga about the Victorian parlor chair pattern. That is BEAUTIFUL. Andover Fabrics, they manufacture the Little House on the Prairie patterns, I think, that Laura Ingalls Gunn, sews with. Can you believe that wall-hung quilt? Oh, my gosh, I am passionate about the mixing of heritage and modern. Isn’t that beautiful, hung on a white wall with the grey tree branches next to it? I will use that fabric the next time I have a parlor chair redone. P.S. I would love to belong to a guild, it just sounds so cool! ~Ginene

  2. Ginene,
    I favor refreshing heritage or vintage with modern, too. It replaces a heavy stuffiness with new life. Just the other day I was ‘doodle thinking’ about updating a pair of my great grandmother’s armchairs. They are comfortable, take up little space and of course, rather sentimental. (I think I just talked myself into a new project). 😉 ~ Joanne

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