Snow on the Brain

Snow on the brain. Friday, students couldn’t concentrate with the 8″ to 15″ forecast of snow for the weekend.  I had the 5-year-old students measure varying snow depths on a meter stick. Their eyes! Most had never experienced a local snow. 

Weathermen foamed on about the upcoming blizzard; grocery store shelves emptied of breads, eggs, milk; everyone decided they needed gas – even though warned not to drive during the storm. My sister and I waited in the snow party line at the ABC (liquor) store. Snowmageddon.


Sunday afternoon. We’ve about binge-watched all that Netflix has to offer. I’ve sewed an entire quilt top. We’ve sweat pant-ed, hot cocoa-ed, fudge brownie-ed ourselves to the extreme. No school tomorrow; maybe not on Tuesday. 


I’m not complaining. I rather like sleeping in. Think I’ll make chili and cornbread tonight. Oh, yeah . . . I have a bottle of Bailey’s.


Stay warm! – – Joanne



12 thoughts on “Snow on the Brain

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Laura! Our area isn’t very equipped to handle even an inch of snow. One must be prepared! 😉

      1. Absolutely! In London, our rail system can barely cope if a leaf blows onto the track. We’d get absolutely nowhere in the snow. Perhaps I had better check the weather and stock up on Bailey’s just in case! 😉 X

    1. The kids had a blast! They crafted sleds out of old tire inner tubes, beach boogie boards, plastic trash lids – – necessity was the mother of invention in this case, LOL! I’ve wanted to piece a solid color quilt for some time. Thanks!

      1. Our daughter is in college in a town that gets snow usually once a year or so. I’ve told her she needs to come up with something like that so she’s ready when it happens!

  1. Joanne, We’ve had spring weather for some time, but it has now been snowing for 24 hours. It was pretty. I did miss this post. I love to hear about the Virginia Beach kids getting so excited for snowfall. That is so darn cute.

    1. Hi Ginene, This storm is just sending rain and wind our way. My Chicago friend texted me a photo of a highway billboard warning of “lake effect snow.” It seemed so odd to see a weather warning on a billboard. LOL. Hope you have Baileys on hand. 😉

  2. Wow–I LOVE that quilt top! I tend toward solid fabrics, too, when I make quilty things and your colors are wonderful! Is there anything better than a snow day?

    1. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to make a solid quilt for so long and finally got the colors I wanted at Quilt Con East in Savannah. Yep, we love the rare snow day here, too. Teachers just as much (if not more) as the students. 😀

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