TV Multimedia Console, Part 2

A couple of weekends ago our daughter and son-in-law constructed a TV-multimedia console using online plans.  Their goal was to corral game boxes, a sound system and an excessive amount of wiring in an inexpensive mid-century style console. After shopping around town and finding that finished products were retailing $600-$1500, they decided to go the DIY route.


The plans were modified slightly. Radiator screen sheeting was added to the door panels to allow interior air circulation. In order to achieve the desired mid-century flair the legs were changed to round 5.5 inch wood turned legs. With these modifications, the final cost was approximately $125.


They had some great and timely advice on how to condition and pre-seal the wood (thanks Ginene!) before applying stain and sealant.


Isn’t it amazing how tangled wires seem to breed more wires? After a ‘spring cleaning’ of the electronics and untangling a jumble of wires, they found extra wires that connected to nothing! 🙂 What was left now resides neatly inside the console and out-of-sight. 


So. The original, open, too short, lopsided, cardboard-like, faux wood console ‘before’ image:


And… the ‘after’ completed mid-century themed TV console (which hides everything but one satellite dish box):


Not bad for a young couple’s first time DIY project!

Have a good week! — Joanne

TV Multimedia Console, Part 1


4 thoughts on “TV Multimedia Console, Part 2

  1. That is really impressive! It looks fantastic like it is a custom made designer piece. You’ve got some talented kids. All the wires in the before picture are very funny because EVERYONE not only has to look at those in our houses, but we have to dust them.

    1. Ginene,
      It’s quite satisfying when one is able to problem solve in such an aesthetically pleasing way. They are quite tickled with themselves. On to the next project! 😀

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