Travel Tips for Ireland

Ourselves, daughters, son-in-law and grandson are off to Ireland, the Land of 100,000 Welcomes! We’re celebrating life, family and our 37th anniversary; just to name a few. We did our homework on budgeting and travel tips…

AIRFARE  I truly despise flying international “economy” – but we are a party of seven ($$$). Since Ireland is not as far a distance from the United States east coast as some destinations, it was bearable. We saved quite a bit with airfare purchased with Wednesday departures.

LUGGAGE  We are traveling light.  Our daughters were slightly taken aback upon learning that we’d be traveling light with one carry-on and a backpack, each. No hairdryer? (Audible gasp). 😄This allowed us a quick Customs Check as we were able to skip the sleepy wait at baggage claim, avoid long taxi lines and (with Day 3 now upon us), happy that we’re not lugging around suitcases. We’ll need to visit a laundromat at the half point.


MONEY  Before leaving home we made sure our credit and ATM cards would work abroad and purchased €300 before departing (for airport snacks and taxi). This way we’re not carrying around a large sum. We will pay as we go, avoiding bringing too much unusable pounds or euros back home.

Another budget-wise decision was to eat in the pubs. Oye! Out to bust the “Picky American” moniker we are willing to give everything (even black pudding) a try. 😬LOL.

seafood chowder

SITE-SEEING Taxis are an expensive way to site-see. Dublin has a guided  “hop on off” bus tour for €19 that is well worth the cost. We are getting an awesome experience by walking the local streets and slipping into small shops, bakeries and pubs. The locals are so friendly!

Saint Patrick’s

My hope is to timely journal our travels throughout Ireland via this blog throughout images and video. On my mobile. We’ll see. 😉

More Travel Tips for Ireland, part 2

Have a good week! – – Joanne 



6 thoughts on “Travel Tips for Ireland

  1. I am jealous ! No, truly want you all to have a fantastic journey through ‘the old country’. Lots of photos, please .

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