Thanksgiving Fun 2017

Family met at my son-in-law and daughter’s home in a country setting. The 16-30 somethings were ridding dirt bikes and ATVs in the fields as the feast was cooking. Phffft! Us 50-60 somethings invented cool – these children ain’t seen nuttin’!

My daughter was nervous. I made it back safely. In one piece. I just didn’t tell her about the trees I almost ran into. 😀

I shut off the motor and got off. I *thought* the kick stand was down. Me and the bike did a slow-mo to the ground. Only my pride took a hit. LOL. But, I still got “it!”

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! – – Joanne

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fun 2017

  1. Joanne, you really looked confident when you got on that bike. And, then I started to get nervous when I saw the you almost did a wheelie when you tore out of there. I’m so glad you didn’t run into that tree. You are very cool because you had the guts to do it! You are the coolest!

    1. Bwahahahaha! Ginene, that was the first and LAST time I’ll ride a dirt bike. It was fun, but I felt it the next day. What was I thinking? 😀

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