They Weren’t Saints. But…

I spent a cold snowy weekend having fun in Washington, DC celebrating a dear friend’s cancer survival and milestone birthday.  

Birthday Wish

It just happened to be a President’s Day weekend, too.  We spent a very cold day visiting some of the monuments honoring these flawed, but two great men: Washington and Lincoln.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, a stylized Egyptian obelisk imparting permanence and stability, is closed for repairs after a 2011 earthquake until 2019.

Lincoln Memorial

Building materials from many different states, symbolizing the nation’s reunification efforts after the Civil War, were used to construct the Lincoln Memorial.


Reflecting Pool

The Reflecting Pool at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial steps faces the Washington Monument.


If you look close, you can see where construction was halted in the bottom third of the monument due to the lack of funding, the Civil War and politics. Once resumed, a different stone was used. 

Embassy Row, Snow and a Toddy

I’m busy finalizing the package I’m donating to my school’s auction. It involves a vintage school uniform and is stirring nostalgic memories of my two girls. I hope to post images next week. Meanwhile, despite Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow, I hope everyone stays warm and dry.

Have a good week! — Joanne

3 thoughts on “They Weren’t Saints. But…

  1. I recently went to a celebration for a friend who was finishing a long course of chemotherapy so I know how wonderful your celebration must’ve been! And to gather in DC must’ve made it even more special. It looks like you had moody weather–the photos are nice!

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