As Atlantic hurricanes are wont to do, Florence’s land fall was unpredictable on Monday as she menacingly threatened the U.S. east coast.  On Monday, Florence was a Category 5 hurricane.  Today it has been downgraded to a Cat 2. With the least provocation flooding is sure to occur with all the bays, canals, creeks, lakes, rivers, sounds, and streams crisscrossing the below-sea-level east coast.

My school is about 500 feet from the Atlantic’s front door. On Tuesday, (along with everyone else in the city) we moved, covered, sand-bagged and closed to batten down the hatches.  Mind you, on Wednesday we had blue skies. I went to purchase non-perishables (in case of electrical outages) and toilet paper. Shelves were quite bare. George waited in various lines throughout the day, to no avail, to purchase a generator.  Gas station lines averaged a 30-minute wait. Today, Thursday, cloudy and breezy for us, has Florence heading to the Carolina coastline. I’m happy for our city, sad for those in her path.

Virginia Beach is still closed due to possible damaging outlying rain and wind and tidal flooding. Residents have spent these two days stowing patio furniture, clearing yards of projectiles and moving irreplaceable items to higher ground. Some of my friends have been asked to evacuate.  I feel we’ve prepared our home as best we can for the outlying effects of Florence.  

Some naysayers ridicule the closings and preparations. I’m not taking chances if last weekend’s, late summer thunderstorm is any indication of possible flooding.


As the water started to recede the grass in our yard and lid to our home sewer line were actually percolating! Well. That can’t be good. 😉  I took a mobile video, just in case I needed proof to our insurance company. *sigh*

Street Flooding 2018

The way I look at all the (maybe unnecessary) warnings is that it is better to be “safe, than sorry.” My fervent wish to everyone in Florence’s path: take precautions, may you stay safe and keep dry!

5 thoughts on “Florence

    1. We were spared, just some minor flooding. Evidently, the “weather people” are waiting to see what the rainfall in the mountains will do to our neighbors that live mid-state along the rivers and streams that head towards the bay and ocean. So far, all’s good!

    1. We are fine, Kerry. Our local weather forecasters were so hyped up. I realize it takes time to plan and evacuate, but they really missed the mark. I feel so bad for the ones who were affected. The flooding is awful. 😦

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