Scrap Happy Hometown Block 2

It’s mid-month and time for the ScrapHappy Project hosted by Kate and Gun.  I’ve completed my state/hometown blocks for the swap initiated by two friends. Paper piecing has really intrigued me. Participating in Scrap Happy has done what I’d hope: encourage me to learn more about quilting. So, now I am on the search for a local quilt paper piecing class. 


I was determined to include fields, forests, waterways — all the way to the coastline of Virginia Beach.  Last SH post, I’d figured out the Blue Ridge Mountain Range.  I added prints and solids for the Piedmont’s rolling hills and sandy coastline.  I thought the batiks worked rather well for the waterways. Eh. That pesky top, left corner, again…

I sewed scrap strips together for the “forest.” Feeling adventuresome, I cut one tree in half lengthwise and then sewed the opposite sides back together. 

Federally funded by George Washington, the first  Cape Henry Lighthouse and its sister is located in Virginia Beach just off the Atlantic at the southern tip of the Chesapeake Bay. 

source: wikipedia

Not the best applique, but I managed the two lighthouses. This block went to my Chicago friend. I am working on the second block to give to my New York friend.  

 I managed to correct that pesky corner. 😉 We three plan to work on our own interpretation of our completed respective state/hometown quilts.  LOL, This will be a rather small quilt unless I talk a couple more friends into participating. 

Have a good week! — Joanne

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11 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Hometown Block 2

  1. What a gorgeous block! The lighthouses are a really interesting addition, and the colours work so well together.
    By the way, the ScrapHappy participant list has been updated; I can email you the new one, unless you’d like to copy and paste it from my post? Let me know…

    1. Thank you , Kate. The lighthouses beat me up. But my responsibility for this project is done. 🙂 I did copy/paste the updated scrap happy links.

  2. I am drawn to what looks like rivers of different soil types. The thing I love the most about art is how the results are interpreted differently by each one who views it. I’m glad you have friends that are quiltmakers, too, as it must be so fun to exchange ideas. ~Ginene

    1. I’ll admit I was a little daunted with designing a block that encompassed my state and hometown. Virginia is so diverse (below sea level, Piedmont, mountains…). It has been fun exchanging blocks. I have a Chicago skyline and am waiting on New York. 😀

  3. You put a lot of fun into this, as well as many different quilting techniques! I like paper piecing, too, but I really like the way you supplemented it with apple and patchwork!

    1. Kerry, I just guessed where the seams should go. No paper involved. 🙂 I do not know how to paper piece (yet). I want to sign up for a class when one comes my way. Thank you for the compliment!

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