Burnout Meet Sásta

A recent tidying up of my sew/craft room found containers, baggies, boxes… of quilt UFO projects. This begs a question: Why do I lose enthusiasm towards some projects?


My latest completed UFO project, one I once looked forward to, had become a chore. It wasn’t turning out how I envisioned. I was simply tired of it.  I found excuses to work on other projects. I even started to work on a new quilt made from the scraps of this quilt (Huh?).

I think all quilters must go through quilt burnout at one time or another. I think it happens to me when I let my room get disorganized, messy and over run while fabric scraps pile up. The recent toss out, cleanup and straightening of the room, servicing my machine and a good vacuum helped to inspire me again.

I’m so happy that this quilt is completed that I named it, “Sásta.” Now. I’ve set myself upon the goal to conquer and complete all UFO projects before starting a new one. Let’s see if I can live up to this goal! 😀

Have a good week – – Joanne

9 thoughts on “Burnout Meet Sásta

  1. When I become frustrated with a project I know better than to force the issue. It is simply better to put it down and wait it out. In several instances waiting was wonderful, because along my quilting journey I picked up a new skill and suddenly the old project was doable! For me, there is no shame in UFOs. Your finished result is proof that waiting is a good thing! It is lovely.

    1. Thank you, Lynda. You are so right about setting it aside for another day. BTW, I’m looking twice in every dark, dusty corner before reaching in…just in case there is a critter resting inside. 😀

      1. Dark, dusty corners do warrant caution especially here in the south! And, your wariness could prevent a painful surprise! Right? 😉

  2. That is the MOST beautiful quilt. It manages to be calming yet interesting and colourful without being overpowering. Well worth the wait for you to complete it I should think (it is from here, anyway!)

  3. I totally understand that feeling of quilt burnout! I have forced myself to finish a couple, too, just because it felt silly and wasteful not to. Having said that, I am so glad to see that you finished this one–it is really spectacular! Something about those brights on white–really fresh!

    1. Thank you! I hate to waste fabric and the effort half put in, too. I’m determined to get all UFOs in my basket completed.

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