Scrap Happy: Upcycled Bottle Sling

A guild member had dozens of insulated metallic cold shipping pouches left over from the holidays and put forth an upcycle challenge.  Ha! I could do this! I found the 15-Minute Water Bottle Sling pouch pattern. It looked easy, quick, simple and would do nicely as a Scrap Happy project. The insulated shipping pouch would make the perfect liner. How smug I was.

water sling

Well, it took me more than 15 minutes to make. More like 2 hours. The insulated mailer was very slippery and difficult to work with. I must have picked out my machine stitches five times. Definitely not the best sew job. However, I am happy that I can help to reduce environmental waste (however small) and use up scraps!

water sling2
Pleeease don’t look at the stitching! 😀

Scrap Happy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything – no new materials and is hosted monthly by Kate and Gun

Have a good week – – Joanne!

16 thoughts on “Scrap Happy: Upcycled Bottle Sling

  1. You know, if you hadn’t mentioned the stitches, I wouldn’t have looked. It’s a good idea and a great way to use up something that might otherwise get thrown out: the definition of a scrap!

      1. I think it’s something a lot of quilt bloggers do: “I’ll mention the defects up front and get it out of the way…” A few wonky stitches SO do not matter!

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