Sewing Room Chaos

I like to stand when sewing so my machine sits atop the counter-height craft table that my wonderful husband built a few years ago. Lately however, my poor foot is telling me to sit down. So, I had to rearrange my tiny sewing craft room in order to accommodate another, lower table for my sewing machine. My room was a dysfunctional mess; which made a supposedly simple task turn into a 3-week revival.


It was good to clean out and declutter. In came the FREE sewing table. Out went the old breakfront secretary cabinet and cart. I kept only the items that I will actually use or family pieces I can’t depart with (like my grandmother’s rocks). Up went a pegboard and Kallax cube shelves. Craft supplies, paints, fabrics — now have a proper home. Eventually, I plan to convert the chalkboard into a quilt design wall.

Of course, I needed to add to the chaos and purchased a few more items to stuff into the room. Between coupons , a tackle and bait shop, and an automotive store (yep, you read that right) I purchased supplies for under $10 USD. Quilting notions; what a gimmick!


I’m pooped. I’m excited. It’s starting to look like a sewing craft room again. Hopefully, by next weekend, I can touch my “stuff,” craft, paint or sew. *happy sigh*

Have a good week!! — Joanne

5 thoughts on “Sewing Room Chaos

    1. It is rather satisfying. I’ve been swamped at school, but now I really have an itch to get cracking at some WIP projects and other fun things. Funny how tidying up encourages me to want to make more mess. 😀

  1. I keep all my sewing machine parts in tackle boxes too, and my thread spools as well, and I am very glad to learn about the magnetic parts holder from the automotive store! I keep my bobbins in those weekly pill containers — that way, when I open the container, if I drop it, only 3 or bobbins can fall out, instead of dozens of them.
    Your fabric is stacked so nicely, it looks very inspirational!

    1. Now that it is out in the open, I do love to gaze at my fabric stash. Thanks for another storage idea: pill container for bobbins. I’m constantly dropping and having to cut off what rolled off the bobbin and wrapped around some chair leg. 😀

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