Scrap Happy May Camp Quilt Block

My quilt guild’s May lottery is the Scrappy Camp Quilt block. Perfect for a Scrap Happy project! The finished block is supposed to be 18.5″/47 cm square and my block finished up at 20″/5 cm. Of course it did. 🙂 I put together another block – just to be sure I was following the instructions correctly – and got the same results. I really like this block so I hope that the other participant’s blocks measure up like mine.

The block begins with a 6″/15 cm center square. Two 2″/5 cm same fabric strips are added to opposite sides of the center square; followed by a different set of two same fabric strips added to the other edges. (Kind of an updated Log Cabin block). After four rows of strips have been added to the edges of the center square, the block is then cut into fourths.

Two center strips are added (in a “plus” design) to put it all back together. Scrap Happy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything – no new materials and is hosted monthly by Kate and Gun.  Well, I’ve yet to win a block lottery. But I am gaining new skills and learning new blocks. So a win-win, I think. 😀

Have a good week! — Joanne

10 thoughts on “Scrap Happy May Camp Quilt Block

  1. Yup, the only way those instructions will produce anything approaching an 18.5″ square is if you add only 3 rows instead of 4. Worth querying, I think! It’s a nice cheerful block, and a good use of scrap strips if you happen to end up with lots of strips the right size 🙂

    1. I’ll find out today at our guild meeting. I’m hoping everyone else followed the directions so that we will all have the same finished size. LOL.

    1. Yep. I think Kate hit it right on. Take off a row. But, I turned them in to the lottery regardless. 🙂

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