Sewing Room Chaos Conquered

To accommodate a lower table for my sewing machine involved rearranging my tiny sewing craft room – which in turn had me decluttering, tossing and cleaning.

An old dining table was a freebie from a friend. I was using it for as a desk but, it is a perfect fit for my new sewing machine table. The vintage chalkboard followed me home from the school attic. I love it but, it takes up a LOT of wall space. I plan to cover and convert it into a quilt design wall.

The shelves (which reside behind the door) now only hold craft supplies, cleverly disguised in new and vintage baskets. The sewing nook (originally a closet) was tidied up. I keep a Brother Project Runway machine because it can sew over 100 different stitches — not that I use them all. My Juki only straight stitches and there are times I need to zigzig. 😉

My husband hung a pegboard next to my project board (old crib frame), placed the cutting/craft table on another wall, turning it sideways to maximize what little wall space there is. I saved $$$ everywhere I could. So I didn’t feel toooo bad purchasing the IKEA Kallax cube shelving unit. It was easy to put together, all tools included. I even added a drawer option. This unit is awesome. The perfect solution for storing fabric and organizing quilting tools! Underneath, vintage wooden crate boxes hold my tools, sander, polisher, staple gun, etc.

I’ve posted about purchasing thrifty quilting supply and storage alternatives in the past. It seems as soon as one mentions “quilting”, the price goes up. I’ve started to look differently at everyday items that can increase functionality in my room: dollar store items, fishing or automotive supplies, small dishes or saucers, or other household items. Why buy when you already have something of use? I’d rather spend my hard earned $$$ on fabrics. 😉

When not sewing, I like to paint. Paint supplies can lean towards the messier side. But, if I put them away, I’ll never drag them out to use. I made a gallant effort organizing all of my paint gear together and within reach. My husband made the paint rack and the shelf below it. Vintage biscuit jars and pitchers hold brushes and other tools. The easel is cleverly hung behind the door. 😉

This little oasis has gone from feeling cramped and junky to a brighter, more flexible work space. So, the obligatory sad BEFORE IMAGES recap:

I’m so excited. It looks like a different (more efficient) sewing craft room. I’m ready to to get crEE-ATE-tive! 😀

Have a good week!! — Joanne

4 thoughts on “Sewing Room Chaos Conquered

  1. Jeez–that is one amazing turn around! I am very, very impressed! And, as much as I love the stream-lined efficiency of what you’ve created, I really love the little decorative and practical touches of the jars and baskets and dishes. Just lovely!

    1. Thanks, Kerry! I have been inspired and have tackled a couple of unfinished projects. I’m drawn to and tend to gather up vintage items. Maybe it’s my age? Nostalgia? Whatever, I find something, like it, and must try to find a new use for it. 🙂

  2. That looks fab. I think I’m going to have to start putting more things on more walls myself – I like to feel uncluttered (and plain walls help there) but it’s no good if I can’t get at my bench because it’s covered in stuff!!

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean. You’d never realize that I like a clean wall myself. My room is so tiny that every inch matters. I’m just happy to have a space of my own.

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