Many know of the mass shooting that occurred at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center on Friday, May 31. Twelve people were fatally shot; eleven city employees and one contractor who was at the building to obtain a permit. Four people remain in critical condition at area hospitals. This senseless tragedy leaves behind grieving families and friends and community. Virginia Beach is a sprawling suburbia/rural community that feels like a small hometown. Everyone knows you, or knows someone that knows you. We are in shock. We are hurt. We are sad.

Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild members have been asked to create #vbstrong quilts for the victims and grieving families. The quilt blocks consist of a low volume background with a blue plus in the center. If you would like to help create one (or more) of these quilt blocks, please contact the VBMQG or leave a comment. The guild would like to gift the quilts as soon as possible. Sewing information on the blocks may be found here.

Gun control in the United States is a sticky, contentious, controversial mess; with every acrimonious discussion. I have family and friends on both sides of the issue. Today, let’s set aside our differences to create something for these families, small as it is, to let them know they are not alone.

We quilters are a community and when needed this is what we do.

Thank you for your help — Joanne

4 thoughts on “#VBStrongQuilts

  1. I didn’t know you lived in this area–I am SO sorry for all you must be going thru. We always think “it can’t happen here” and then things do happen. I hope your quilt making gives you some sense of peace . . . .

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