Quilted Seat Cover

Upon close examination it appears to be a vintage manufactured quilt in major disrepair. I liked it enough to purchase it for $15 (USD). This unusable quilt sat folded in the cupboard for a few years. As a matter of fact it was sooo unusable, that I decided to repair the tears with zigzag stitches and cut it up to repurpose it as a chair cover.

I cut out the traced seat shape, adding four inches for turn under, and marking where the armrest and seat back bars were located. Then, I added a wide binding/casing for a drawstring.

I slipped a drawstring through the new casing, looping under the arm and back seat bars and pulled tight. I had enough left over to sew up a back rest pillow.

The drawstring makes the cover quite snug. Now what to do with the rest of this “unusable” quilt? 😉

Have a good week! — Joanne

6 thoughts on “Quilted Seat Cover

    1. Thanks, Kerry! I really liked the vintage patina of this quilt even though I knew it was not handmade and in very dire straits. It “spoke” to me. That first cut was painful. But, now I have a nice seat cover that makes me smile.

  1. I had purchased an office chair that looked like leather from Habitat Restore — the “leather” started peeling immediately. I recovered mine with a piece of vintage pale yellow floral fabric, but I was not brave enough to try to actually fit it. I made like a pillowcase to slip over the back and a big thin pad to set on the chair seat. I like your idea of the drawstring much better! I think I will try to adjust mine to utilize your idea — one of these days! It looks great!

    1. Ha! I thought about the “pillow case” method for a couch we have in the back room. It seemed so daunting at the time. Now, I feel I *might* be up to attempting it.

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