Scrap Happy No-Sew Pennants

A few years back, I sewed a quilt from cotton dress shirts. I found these “too good to throw out” ๐Ÿ˜‰ scraps while tidying up my sewing drawers. The scraps were just enough to experiment with to make tiny pennants. With fabric on the fold, I pinked-cut 3″ (7.6cm) triangles. I overlaid the fold on twine, placed iron-on tape in-between, pinned and ironed. There was enough scraps to create four six feet (1.8m) no-sew pennants. I’m not sure how long they’ll stay “glued” together, but they are cute.

Meanwhile, I’ve made some progress on my QAYG project. Still not liking the dark backing/binding. But I am determined not to buy anything but thread for this project. I have a few questions for the pros: Are QAYG quilts naturally more stiff due to the fact that the quilted blocks (a smaller area) are sewn together — as opposed to a one-piece larger backing? Will this change after washing? Do QAYG bindings suffer more stress? Gah! Do my questions even make sense? ๐Ÿ˜€

Scrap Happy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything and is hosted monthly by Kate and Gun. Check out some of the projects others have create for Scrap Happy:

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Have a good week and stay well! โ€” Joanne

12 thoughts on “Scrap Happy No-Sew Pennants

  1. Such a cute idea — I have a bunch of my father’s old shirts in a box because I couldn’t bear to donate them. Perhaps I can figure out a project for them!

  2. What a brilliant way to make pennants! I’ve only made small QAYG projects so I can’t give you the answers you’re after. Kate might be able to advise you.

  3. I’ve got a bag of shirt scraps I *can’t* throw out either! I shall look at them with a new eye… Regarding the QAYG: because there are additional, close-together seams in the construction, you will find they’re a bit stiffer to start with, especially as the pre-quilted blocks tend to be slightly more heavily quilted than an overall design. It will ease once the quilt is fully constructed and it has been washed a couple of times. I haven’t noticed any additional or unusual wear on the joining strips or binding, and I have made many QAYG quilts. Do email me if you have any further questions as you go along and I’ll try and offer any help I can.

    1. The blocks do seem heavier – I guess it is the extra quilting like you mention. So there is hope. I dislike a stiff quilt. But, I do like the soft, crinkly look of a washed quilt. Just wanted to be sure I was on the correct path making this QAYG project. Thank you for responding!

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