Hi! I am Joanne – wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and teacher. I am married to my best friend and an understanding guy who is willing to support my whimsies. Between us, we have two beautiful daughters, a great son-in-law and a lively grandson and two spoiled pups. My “80-something” mom lives with us along with her rescue beagle. Needless to say, it is always busy and loud at our house!

I come from a long line of creative women. My best childhood memories are of sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table “creating.” I still have my grandmother’s hole-puncher (cardboard tag still attached). My own two daughters held their first paintbrushes by the age of two and I am so proud of their talents.

 The fine arts, crafting and using digital tools have always interested me. I enjoy the hunt, as well as the find of vintage or industrial things. If wearing old cloths and digging deep is the plan; then all the better. I love to look at an old piece and imagine new uses. I look at old treasures and wonder, “What is your story?”

I love color, the feel of soft cotton fabric and modern quilting. I’m constantly visualizing new quilt blocks. I’ve opened an etsy shop because I can’t keep all the quilts I’m making. 🙂  I’d be honored if you visited my shop to take a look: http://www.tinbuttons.etsy.com  

This blog started mainly for myself and family – but has started to sprout baby wings. I’d love to hear what YOU are doing, what INSPIRES you. Drop a line!

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. I, too, enjoy finding “treasures”. Our home is a mix of antiques and modern pieces. I will check back often to see what new things you have found and done. Thanks for stopping by today.

    1. Yep. Our Phoebe loves to lie on pine straw (why?) in the flower beds. She is getting along, 13 years-old now. But she’s still a pistol. 🙂

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