Dog Days of Summer Dog Bed

When it’s hot outside, you just want to cool off and take it easy.


Made of scrap lumber and discounted chair pads; our pups, Pearl (rescue beagle), Douley and Phoebe Darling (Boston terrors) absolutely LOVE their new beds!


How did we make them?

Screw 2X2′ and 2X3′ lengths into a frame, shorter lengths to the inside

Frame A

Screw the 2X2′ support brace in middle of frame, 2″ below lip

Screw the four 12″ feet inside frame, 2″ below lip. The feet act as addition bed supports


Cut plywood to fit inside frame, on top of feet and support brace – you may need to trim to make it fit


Drill drain holes in plywood bed, about 3″ apart

Add a patio chair pad, or bedding of choice. The 2″ drop below the lip helps keep the pad in place



  • 2X6″ pressure treated board, cut in two 3′ lengths (sides)
  • 2X6″ pressure treated board, cut in three 2′ lengths (sides, support brace)
  • 4X4″ pressure treated post, cut in 12″ lengths (feet)
  • 2X3′ pressure treated plywood (bed)
  • outdoor patio chair pad
  • drill, screws

Our pups are so spoiled; they refuse to chase the squirrels!

Have a good week! – – Joanne

2 Hour Delay :: A Beautiful Thing


I almost wore my pajamas inside out last night. Hoping to go back to sleep, I barely opened my eyelids as I surveyed the early morning news crawl. A 2-hour delay! I’ll take it.


It’s true. Coastal Virginians don’t know how to drive on snow or ice – to the ire and lamentation of my mid-west friends.


Hardly an inch forecasted and we clear grocery store shelves.


Wishing our northern neighbors safety and warmth during Winter Storm Juno – – Joanne

My Mom, Your Mom, Borrow a Mom



Great Grandma's Bird Bath
Great Grandma’s Bird Bath





My sisters and their families are gathering at our home today for

a shrimp boil/barbeque in honor of all the mothers.

I hope you are able to spend this day with your special someone – –

whether it be with your own mom or if you are borrowing someone else’s.

Have a good week! – – Joanne






Snow Day::Off Day::Yay! Day

It doesn’t take much to stall an area that has limited snow removal equipment. Sledding and bucket lists go hand-in-hand around here. 

snow day-yard2

To some, mostly north and west of the coast, snow is a dirty word.  It might seem ridiculous but announcements of  “2 inches accumulation” and “school closings” are music to the ears in our house. 🙂

(1 block from school)

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Grandma’s Treasures – Green Onions – Cleaning the Garage

As we reminisced (often hilarious) memories while closing Grandma’s turn-of-the-century home, we found many priceless treasures. The grandchildren were jubilant when upon finding a coffee can full of quarters on a closet floor their Great Grandmother told them to divide the booty amongst themselves (greedy buggers that they were). One sister lugged home a massive, broken concrete bird bath. The other, carefully wrapped a small child’s rope chair that my Grandmother and her siblings had sat in as children. I wanted the windows from the top of the carriage garage.

Yard overgrown, we found the shallow indent where the pool had once stood. I like to think of “Green Onions” playing in the background as we rode our “banana seat” bikes to swim at Grandma’s during those 1970s summers.

Splashing Dad and his "Bud"
Splashing Dad and his “Bud”


Myself, sister Glenn & cousin Gail. Could those diving pads be any more dangerous? LOL. Good times!
Myself, sister Glenn & cousin Gail. Could those diving pads be any more dangerous? LOL. Good times!

Lazing about on the hammock, eating brown paper bag lunches. Grandma’s constant directive to “Hang that beach towel on the line.” Sunburned noses. Barbie’s(r), and cardboard box homes. The tire swing under the massive oak. What a blast!

Barbie's(R), cardboard homes & lemonade
Barbie’s(R), cardboard homes & lemonade. Check out those peonies!

The other day, as I was valiantly (yet not succeeding) to clean out the garage, I came upon a ratty old cloth sack. At that “just toss it all out” stage; something held me back. Instead, I carefully peeled it open – – hoping nothing live was inside. What a smile I had. A worn, handmade sack full of rocks and a note  written  in my Grandmother’s hand:

“Rocks from Alaska gold mine – ??? – 1945-46-47

given to me by the owner I forgot the name



I carefully washed the sack. Dusted off the “gold.” Shared with my mom.

More treasure from Grandma.

Have a good week! – – Joanne

Mutant Marigold

What is it?
What is it?

Didn’t know if It was a weed or a flower that hadn’t had a chance to bloom yet.

But, whatever, it was b-i-g. 


We have had our share of rain and sultry heat – annnd I did use Miracle Grow . . .

At first, I was thinking: Marigold leaves.

Normal Marigold
Normal Marigold

But as the stem thickened and grew up-up-up, Saw Man just laughed that it was a hitch-hiking weed in my flower pot left by an errant robin.

Up - up - up!
Up – up – up!

So . . .  we decided to let nature take its course and see what would happen.

The stem got to be as thick as my finger and grew to about two feet (61 cm) tall!


The buds were huge.

“Something” was about to bloom.

It was a Marigold! Albeit, a Mutant Marigold.

Mutant Marigold, cousin to Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors)
Mutant Marigold, cousin to Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors)

Check out the size of these Mutant Marigold blooms compared to a normal Marigold (and the size of my hand)!


Ridiculously funny.

The shells in the background are about 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) for reference.


LOL, so now I have to listen to SM snicker about the size of that robin : \

Have a good week! – – Joanne