Cleaning, Tossing, Finding

When looking at any form of art; humanity’s history is revealed. Fashion, architecture, politics, religion … it’s all there for one to see. From the Leang Sakapeo hand stencils, Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson, Picasso’s Guernica, Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With we are allowed a peek back in history – the good and bad. I read somewhere (can’t remember the author) that “Art is the signature of civilization.” #truth

I am in no way including myself with the above august company. But, I do love art – or better, creating. Grandma Lillian and my mother, Joan, instilled an innate need to create. Whether it be textile, paint, paper, metals, or wood — I think I’d wither if banned from experimenting or creating. My own children held a paintbrush as wee toddlers.

So, imagine my pleasant surprise as I came upon my teenaged “Pink Floyd–Led Z–J Tull–Leon R–Yes” angst artist days portfolio. (I think I was 16-18 years old when I sketched these pieces). I spent an afternoon reminiscing the 70’s…clothes, music, hairstyles, politics — it’s all there. “How weird,” my girls laughed.

Farrah Fawcett ‘do, LSD, counter-culture, civil rights, anti-war. Now? I’m an old Betty, sitting in my sweats, drinking hot tea. I took a few screenshots and packed it away again. Maybe when I’m in my doddering years (not there yet!) I’ll come across this time capsule portfolio again.

Have a good week! — Joanne

Quilted Seat Cover

Upon close examination it appears to be a vintage manufactured quilt in major disrepair. I liked it enough to purchase it for $15 (USD). This unusable quilt sat folded in the cupboard for a few years. As a matter of fact it was sooo unusable, that I decided to repair the tears with zigzag stitches and cut it up to repurpose it as a chair cover.

I cut out the traced seat shape, adding four inches for turn under, and marking where the armrest and seat back bars were located. Then, I added a wide binding/casing for a drawstring.

I slipped a drawstring through the new casing, looping under the arm and back seat bars and pulled tight. I had enough left over to sew up a back rest pillow.

The drawstring makes the cover quite snug. Now what to do with the rest of this “unusable” quilt? 😉

Have a good week! — Joanne

Sewing Room Chaos Conquered

To accommodate a lower table for my sewing machine involved rearranging my tiny sewing craft room – which in turn had me decluttering, tossing and cleaning.

An old dining table was a freebie from a friend. I was using it for as a desk but, it is a perfect fit for my new sewing machine table. The vintage chalkboard followed me home from the school attic. I love it but, it takes up a LOT of wall space. I plan to cover and convert it into a quilt design wall.

The shelves (which reside behind the door) now only hold craft supplies, cleverly disguised in new and vintage baskets. The sewing nook (originally a closet) was tidied up. I keep a Brother Project Runway machine because it can sew over 100 different stitches — not that I use them all. My Juki only straight stitches and there are times I need to zigzig. 😉

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Old Lucketts Store

George and I traveled to northern Virginia to visit Old Lucketts Store. Yep, THAT Lucketts you’ve seen in Country Living, Flea Market Decor, Southern Living and other magazines.


The drive there was quite picturesque; the Blue Ridge Mountain Range in the distance and the burbling Potomac.


Styled as “vintage hip,” Lucketts is full of unique treasures and antiques. 

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Grandma’s Treasures – Green Onions – Cleaning the Garage

As we reminisced (often hilarious) memories while closing Grandma’s turn-of-the-century home, we found many priceless treasures. The grandchildren were jubilant when upon finding a coffee can full of quarters on a closet floor their Great Grandmother told them to divide the booty amongst themselves (greedy buggers that they were). One sister lugged home a massive, broken concrete bird bath. The other, carefully wrapped a small child’s rope chair that my Grandmother and her siblings had sat in as children. I wanted the windows from the top of the carriage garage.

Yard overgrown, we found the shallow indent where the pool had once stood. I like to think of “Green Onions” playing in the background as we rode our “banana seat” bikes to swim at Grandma’s during those 1970s summers.

Splashing Dad and his "Bud"
Splashing Dad and his “Bud”


Myself, sister Glenn & cousin Gail. Could those diving pads be any more dangerous? LOL. Good times!
Myself, sister Glenn & cousin Gail. Could those diving pads be any more dangerous? LOL. Good times!

Lazing about on the hammock, eating brown paper bag lunches. Grandma’s constant directive to “Hang that beach towel on the line.” Sunburned noses. Barbie’s(r), and cardboard box homes. The tire swing under the massive oak. What a blast!

Barbie's(R), cardboard homes & lemonade
Barbie’s(R), cardboard homes & lemonade. Check out those peonies!

The other day, as I was valiantly (yet not succeeding) to clean out the garage, I came upon a ratty old cloth sack. At that “just toss it all out” stage; something held me back. Instead, I carefully peeled it open – – hoping nothing live was inside. What a smile I had. A worn, handmade sack full of rocks and a note  written  in my Grandmother’s hand:

“Rocks from Alaska gold mine – ??? – 1945-46-47

given to me by the owner I forgot the name



I carefully washed the sack. Dusted off the “gold.” Shared with my mom.

More treasure from Grandma.

Have a good week! – – Joanne

Recycled DIY Wreath :: Crazy Easy

It’s still warm out, but I’m getting that fall-like feeling. The trees in our yard are trying to tell me to put away the daisy wreath. 😕 One problem: I don’t have anything “fall-ish” for the entry door.



With wire and a glue gun; anything’s possible, LOL. Right? What I had was a faux fall leaf stem that I had already cut up, a grape vine branch and old left over Indian corn. No matter how I grouped them, nothing clicked. They just looked plain tired.




Looking through my stash (junk), I came across the wood seat I had saved from another project (Sweat Equity Chairs). Hmmm. Possibilities. . .

After wiring and hot-gluing the floras to the wood seat I had a presentable – well maybe eccentric – wreath for our entry.




You can see the old nail and screw holes in the seat if you look close.  I didn’t have to drill. Yea! It was very easy and took only 30 minutes!


wreath-fall-first done

What do you think?

Have a good week! – – Joanne