Scrap Happy Hot Glue Stand

My sew/craft room has become Distance Learning Central (it’s a mess). I was tired of dripping and stringy strands of hot glue stick getting everywhere. So, my husband’s thoughtfulness is the star of May’s Scrap Happy project. Ingenuity, pine scraps, nails from the garage and wood glue later: tada! A Hot Glue Gun Stand.

Mind you, this isn’t perfection; but it certainly is sparing my nerves and work space. This little project gave him something to do (Mr. Wanderer is going batty πŸ˜‰ with ‘shelter in place’).

I’m sure you’ve seen multiple images like the one below. But what harm just one more? Sharing a little positivity created by fellow faculty members. πŸ™‚

Scrap Happy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything and is hosted monthly by Kate and Gun. Check out some of the projects others have create for Scrap Happy:

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Have a good week and stay well! β€” Joanne

Strange Days Ahead – Staying Connected

These are not normal times. #understatementoftheyear  In prior times of crisis, most communities were comforted by gathering together collectively. Now, we are socially distancing ourselves. Schools have closed, indefinitely. Bars, restaurants, libraries, travel, museums, public events; they too are falling victim in order to “flatten the curve.” With the closures; how do we pay our rent, balance work commitments, homeschool and entertain our children, take care of the vulnerable?

When “social distancing” was first coined, I wasn’t too concerned. I do quite well by myself puttering in paints or textiles or reading. Then, on Day #3 of my school’s closure it sank in. As the technical resource teacher at my school, trying to prepare for and navigate remote learning this week, I haven’t worked so hard in a long time.

I read a sad local newspaper article today. A family is unable to visit their dying 90-year-old father who is in a hospice home. With the new *CDC rules; he must be in the latter stage of dying before they can visit — when he is unresponsive. Puts my petty complaints into perspective.

What about the socially challenged among us (not to mention that many already don’t trust the institutions that govern us, the ones we rely upon for support). How will this new “experience” affect them? Technology started social decline twenty years ago as more people now tend to socialize online instead of face-to-face. But, maybe, during this confusing time time, technology can now help us to reach out to each other. Whether it is via online video calling, telephoning, sharing photos or videos… it really doesn’t matter. As long as we make connections.

So, back to my remote learning experience. In just three days we’ve learned some things about communication and isolation. We need to connect. We have encouraged families to share with each other via our school’s intranet drive. We have received images of lost teeth, measuring length with shells, study spaces, teachers at work, and virtual playdates — just to name a few. I leave you with remote learning images. πŸ˜€

Have a good week! Stay connected! Stay well! – – Joanne

* CDC = U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

#bettertogether #stayconnected #wevegotthis — p.s. the beach scene is in a private backyard

Quilted Seat Cover

Upon close examination it appears to be a vintage manufactured quilt in major disrepair. I liked it enough to purchase it for $15 (USD). This unusable quilt sat folded in the cupboard for a few years. As a matter of fact it was sooo unusable, that I decided to repair the tears with zigzag stitches and cut it up to repurpose it as a chair cover.

I cut out the traced seat shape, adding four inches for turn under, and marking where the armrest and seat back bars were located. Then, I added a wide binding/casing for a drawstring.

I slipped a drawstring through the new casing, looping under the arm and back seat bars and pulled tight. I had enough left over to sew up a back rest pillow.

The drawstring makes the cover quite snug. Now what to do with the rest of this “unusable” quilt? πŸ˜‰

Have a good week! — Joanne

Scrap Happy: Portable Ironing Board

Minor annoyance here: the ironing board is permanently fixed to the hallway wall and I’m ‘le tired‘ of having to walk back and forth between the hallway and the sewing or cutting table. So, I decided to make a small portable ironing board. I’ve seen many tutorials on constructing one and materials have included using a TV tray table, old towels or Insul-Bright insulated batting for padding, foil to increase heat (is this even safe?), and so on…

I had scrap plywood from an earlier school green room project and left over batting and fabric scraps. Scrap Happy Heaven, twofold! πŸ˜€ The tutorial I liked the best (and had the supplies for) is posted by Sarah Lipoff for Popsugar. Materials called for:

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Sewing Room Chaos Conquered

To accommodate a lower table for my sewing machine involved rearranging my tiny sewing craft room – which in turn had me decluttering, tossing and cleaning.

An old dining table was a freebie from a friend. I was using it for as a desk but, it is a perfect fit for my new sewing machine table. The vintage chalkboard followed me home from the school attic. I love it but, it takes up a LOT of wall space. I plan to cover and convert it into a quilt design wall.

The shelves (which reside behind the door) now only hold craft supplies, cleverly disguised in new and vintage baskets. The sewing nook (originally a closet) was tidied up. I keep a Brother Project Runway machine because it can sew over 100 different stitches — not that I use them all. My Juki only straight stitches and there are times I need to zigzig. πŸ˜‰

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Sewing Room Chaos

I like to stand when sewing so my machine sits atop the counter-height craft table that my wonderful husband built a few years ago. Lately however, my poor foot is telling me to sit down. So, I had to rearrange my tiny sewing craft room in order to accommodate another, lower table for my sewing machine. My room was a dysfunctional mess; which made a supposedly simple task turn into a 3-week revival.


It was good to clean out and declutter. In came the FREE sewing table. Out went the old breakfront secretary cabinet and cart. I kept only the items that I will actually use or family pieces I can’t depart with (like my grandmother’s rocks). Up went a pegboard and Kallax cube shelves. Craft supplies, paints, fabrics — now have a proper home. Eventually, I plan to convert the chalkboard into a quilt design wall.

Of course, I needed to add to the chaos and purchased a few more items to stuff into the room. Between coupons , a tackle and bait shop, and an automotive store (yep, you read that right) I purchased supplies for under $10 USD. Quilting notions; what a gimmick!


I’m pooped. I’m excited. It’s starting to look like a sewing craft room again. Hopefully, by next weekend, I can touch my “stuff,” craft, paint or sew. *happy sigh*

Have a good week!! — Joanne