Tin Can Luminaries

Our daughter wanted to line her long driveway for her outdoor vintage-country wedding with rustic luminaries. Her dad made tin can luminaries using a drill, ice and tin cans. We drank a lot of coffee and ate a lot of canned veggies for a while and hiked to the Bay to fill a five gallon bucket with sand. This was a VERY EASY and CHEAP DIY project.

Supplies: large tin can (e.g. veggie, coffee) with paper wrapper still on, marker, water, drill, votive candle, bucket – to carry sand, sand – enough to fill the bottom of each can 1-2″ deep with sand

1. Use a marker to mark a dotted pattern on the wrapper of a clean tin can. Simple, basic geometric designs are easier to work with.
2. Fill can with water and place in freezer until frozen.
3. Once water freezes, drill holes into the can on the marked dots. This keeps can from bending.
4. Leave can out so that water thaws. Pour out water, dry off can.
5. Carefully peel off wrapper. Be careful for the metal around the drilled holes may be slightly sharp.
5. Fill the bottom of the can with 1-2″ of sand.
6. Place a lighted votive inside can, situated in the sand. Do not leave unattended.

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