Patchwork Quilt Family Portrait

I can’t take credit for this idea; I saw it in a home style magazine many, many years ago. I have wanted (needed 😉 ) a family portrait for some time.


So how did I  manage to acquire this wonderful piece of art? Most of my family lives nearby and having a get-together or impromptu cookout is not unusual. My plan was to invite everyone over to eat, drink and to paint their own portrait square. Of course, the majority response was uncomfortable, insecure and a lot of, “I can’t paint!”


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Pallet Wood Craft Paint Organizer


My craft paint supply had outgrown the vintage soda crate they were stored in. Plus, I work in a very small room and I needed to regain precious shelf space.

.Paint Shelfold


A cheap space saving organizer was needed. I like cheap; but no cost is even better! Left over paint, pallet and bead board scraps were used to build a larger organizer.


Paint Shelf


Pallet strips left over from other projects (Pallet Kitchen Island Worktable and Pallet + Plywood Workspace Table) were used to build a “frame” and a sheet of bead board (Half-bath Remodel) was used as backing. Two more pieces of pallet were used for the inner shelves. To hold it all in, a thin strip of finishing wood was added to the front of each shelf. To tie the woods together, MMS Luckett’s Green Milk Paint was dry-brushed over the organizer. Kind of looks like a rough and rustic, overgrown spice rack. 😉

Space saving, cheap and precious shelf space regained!

Have a good week! – – Joanne