DIY Farmhouse Bedside Table :: Done!

I finally completed one of the DIY farmhouse-shabby chic bedside tables for our bedroom update. I think it turned out rather nice; if I say so myself. 😀  


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DIY Bedside Table :: Sneak Peek

* * * 

Baby it’s COLD and SNOWY and ICY outside!

wp-snow day-birdbath

Last I checked I was living on the Virginia coast? Two snowfalls in two weeks. The good: the school snow days off has allowed me to work on a room that desperately needs updating. The bad: we’ll have to make up these days. 😦

tired. tired. tired.
tired. tired. tired.

This room begs for updated lighting, bedside tables, new scatter rugs, bedding and window treatments.


The first task, finding the right bedside table, proved a little harder than I thought.

But, finally after months searching I figured out what it was that I wanted. I want a combination of Ana White’s farm table plan . . . a green side table I saw on a Pinterest board . . .



. . . and a table I coveted during a visit to Anderson-Wright Rooms & Garden.


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