DIY Bamboo Wedding Ceremony Arch

My daughter found a “crop” of wild bamboo while hiking with her fiancé. She brought long, thick stalks to her dad to see if he could construct a wedding ceremony arch. After a web search we found a great site, Sunset Bamboo by Island Thatch, Inc. This site sells bamboo poles, thatch, paneling, rugs, slats – you name it. But what is cool is that they also have a Wedding Ceremony Arch DIY/How To page for constructing a ceremony arch. All necessary supplies and tools are listed along with a printable .PDF step-by-step instruction sheet. Once constructed, I draped tulle, fabric and burlap around the poles for colorful décor.

Ceremony Arch Supplies:
1/16” drill bit
2 ½” wood screws
Electric drill
Tape measure
Twine, hemp or rope
10 bamboo poles, 8-10’ length

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