Tin Can Repurpose: Organize Art Tools

Me thinks summer is at end. It was 70ºF (21ºC) this morning, a bit breezy, Saw Man wants to cover the pool and winter coats are on sale. *sigh*  I guess it’s time to de-clutter, organize and start putting things away; especially in my Art Dreamspace room.  I need to organize my small hand-held tools and Pinterest has a TON of ideas.  I decided to repurpose tin cans – my favorite old “go to” standby. I’ve used tin cans for art projects, wedding décor, punched lanterns and now to organize my small hand-helds.


Clean vegetable tin cans and a worn Lazy Susan I purchased from the Goodwill Store fit my needs. For the cans I needed decorative papers, a ruler/pencil, Washi tape, brush, scissors and Mod Podge.


The Lazy Susan was spray painted with Valspar Satin Whipped Apricot, a buttery yellow. It was in such bad condition, that it took four coats.


I laid the can on its side, measured how much decorative paper I’d need to wrap completely around it and glued it on with a lot of Mod Podge.


I added cutouts and Washi tape for contrast.


I like to remove a can now and then to use at different work areas.


But, they could be glued or screwed to the Lazy Susan for stability. This is such an inexpensive, creative and great way to repurpose – not to mention that this room is getting a much needed Fall de-clutter!

Have a good week! – – Joanne