Chalk Paint Shelf :: Easy Graphic Transfer Method

I had a pine settle bench shelf needing a little TLC.


It had squirrels and nuts painted on the sides. Yep, squirrels. Looked like a job begging for chalk paint! Chalk paint is so forgiving and there is no prep. I mix my own chalk paint using calcium carbonate.

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Craft Room -aka – Art Dream Workspace



Come in to my workroom dubbed Art Dream Workspace. It’s a dream that is now a reality. Oh, more still needs to be done (curtains, more storage, etc.) but I am ecstatic!

Where to begin?


The two biggest priorities were that family could spend time together in this room and because this is a very small room, and as you can see every inch is used, storage and organization was a must!



The breakfront secretary cabinet was a $25 USD Craigslist find that I painted with MMS Linen and Luckett’s Green Milk Paints. It’s full of jars and baskets that hold bits and pieces, glue guns, hole punches, stickers, yarn and crap galore.


cr-jars 1

cr-jars 2



Even the top of this cabinet is used for storing driftwood finds.


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DIY Real Wedding

“Mom, would you help us plan a really simple DIY, home-grown, ‘blended-family’, outdoor fall wedding?”


Months after the wedding, my daughter and I gathered together the ideas, tips, suggestions, etc. to share – hopefully making it a tad easier for others to plan their own DIY “laid-back”, casual, outdoor special day. Beware: many photos!

We hope you can use an idea or find some little thing useful from this post 🙂


Inspiration Piece


We found an old box of inexpensive aqua Atlas canning jars in a junk shop.


Initial Planning

Right away: Choose a venue, set a date and contact the officiate.

Create a Planning/Checklist

Browse Pinterest and online interactive planning websites

Start Gathering: DIY, Borrow, Thrift Shops

Write out Guest List

Purchase Invitations online

Determine wedding attire

Plan Menu

Write a ‘Wedding Photos to be Taken’ List


The Day Before (AKA: Set Up)

Canopies & Other Supplies: Both my husband and son-in-law were eligible to reserve canopies, tables and chairs from the local Morale, Welfare & Recreation center. It was a considerable savings! We borrowed coffee and drink urns, platters and chafing dishes. An uncle provided ice for the canoe we filled with beer, wine, water and apple-pie moonshine. 🙂

BBC_setting up tables1

More ideas:

  • Canopies can be very expensive. If you live near a military base, are eligible (or know a friend who is) it is possible to save a bundle by renting tables, chairs, canopies, etc. from a local Morale, Welfare & Recreation storehouse.
  • Try to borrow chairs and tables from a local group (Scouts, church, benevolent group). Remember to make a donation!
  • Place waterproof seating arrangements.


  • String plastic lighting around edge of canopy and in trees for evening lighting.
  • Repurpose vintage windows. Great-grandmother’s 100-year-old carriage garage house windows were turned into inspirational signage. (See DIY Vintage Windows as Signs here).


  • Fill wheelbarrows, galvanized tubs, john boats or canoes with ice and load with drinks.


BBC_cake cut


The Special Day Arrives

Good Morning, Sunshine!


Bouquet & Boutonniere: Simple. Grocery-store bought rose nosegay and hand-crafted boutonniere from the Etsy shop, The White Bouquet.



Directional Signs: These were placed strategically to help guests find their way since the wedding was in the ‘boonies’. The groom’s mom created signs from scrap lumber, paint and balloon’s. My daughter and son-in-law’s names are pronounced “BRY-en” phonetically and we teasingly call them “Brianne Pink” and “Brian Blue” – hence the pink and blue balloons.



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Reuse ~ Repurpose ~ Upcycle

So just WHAT does it all mean? I find these terms all over ‘blogdom’.

 I decide to do a little sleuthing…


Well, we all know what it is to REUSE. I try to reuse shipping materials from my Etsy shop whenever possible. When reusing, the value of the products remain the same.

  However, I am saving time, money, energy and resources.



* * *

  When I REPURPOSEI am no longer using a product as originally intended. I have given it a new purpose;  increasing its aesthetic and monetary value. Before repurposing, these items are usually considered junk or garbage.

I’ve repurposed discarded items into art and functional pieces.

soda can repupose
Soda Can + Pallet Scrap Angel and Pallet Kitchen Island/Work Table

* * *

 To UPCYCLE is to reuse an old item in an altered and innovative way giving it more value. This results in better quality and higher environmental value.

I’ve upcycled architectural salvage with a new function in mind.

Repurposed 'Bull's Eye' Wall Art  and  Door Coat Rack
Repurposed ‘Bull’s Eye’ Wall Art and Door Coat Rack

* * *

 So . . . in a nutshell:



View Posts on the above projects here:

Soda Can Angel

Pallet Kitchen Island/Work Table

Repurposed Door Coat Racks

Have a great week! – – Joanne

Some of My Favorite Things

I find that whenever junking I will gravitate towards anything boxy and made of wood. I’m always on the lookout for storage in the form of crates, toolboxes or mismatched drawers.  I enjoy reading about other bloggers’ workspaces and how they used, upcycled, salvaged wood for storage.  So, my favorite Treasury List is all about – what else? – wood and storage.  I can never get enough of that warm patina glow!

While it was raining outside  last Saturday, I warmed my hands with a cup of tea and spent an enjoyable “me time” afternoon looking at my favorite things. I’d love to share this with you.  I am working/revamping my workspace and getting lots of advice and ideas. I’d love to know what clever things you use for your storage. Please share!


Cream Top Spoon

I haven’t posted lately due to the ‘sick bug’ that hit my family. Pretty nasty stuff. But we’re all back to work and life. Just added a few new items to Etsy, but I have a favorite. A wee cream top spoon, isn’t it funny how the littlest things can make us smile, feel warm?


This spoon is embossed with the (evidently rare) individual dairy’s name, “Sheffield Farms”. So what is a cream top spoon? A little sleuthing and I found that Cream Top spoons were manufactured in the 1920’s and used before homogenization. When the cream rose up inside the Cream Top milk bottle neck, a special spoon or separator could be used to close off the neck between the cream and the milk. This allowed the cream to be poured out of the bottle and the milk to remain. The separator was not intended to spoon out the cream as many people think. — The lamb was part of my great-grandmother’s nativity. I thought they went well together.

I find it fascinating to hold a piece of history in my hands. Where was it manufactured? What is it? Who used it? What journey did it take to end up in my hands? … And where will it go next?

Have a great day! Stay well.