Family Room: Fireplace & TV & Built-in Shelving

We’re back to working in our Family Room. It’s been a while. We plan to add three separate shelving/built-ins. We’ve built, primed and painted the first section (on a back wall) over the last two weekends. 


Why three sections of built-ins? It’s amazing how much “stuff” we’ve accumulated over the years – and what I can’t, won’t ever part with:

An iron doorstop gift from dear friends, wedding tobacco jar, my children's books and clay bowl, my great grandmother's ice cream churn, my other great grandmother's wood sewing box
An iron doorstop gift from dear friends, wedding tobacco jar gift, my children’s books and clay bowl, my great grandmother’s ice cream churn, my other great grandmother’s wood sewing box

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Family Room: Removing Built-in Shelving & Bugs

The surf and sun are beckoning.

Nine days until summer break.

How do we keep students on task?

How about the arrival of teeny, tiny baby praying mantis?


It was amazing to watch. They do look horribly scary, though. 🙂

The Deadly mantis, Universal Studios, 1957
The Deadly Mantis, Universal Studios, 1957

We are slowly making progress in the Family Room. We’ve set a goal for each weekend and last week, we tackled removing the built-in bookshelves so that the new floor could be installed.

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Family Room: New Wall, New Floor, Wine


Our home is in total chaos but, I feel ‘Pharrell happy!’ Open windows and fresh air, early morning birds and lawn mower buzz, barbecue smells wafting over the neighborhood . . .


As of this weekend, we covered the floor joists with plywood, the new pipes are better supported and wall insulation added. One of my favorite tools is my electric stapler. Love the sound: “Click-thump, Click-thump!” Although it’s not as nice as the original 1960s wood, we did manage to find the same pattern in MDF paneling at Lowes. With primer and paint it’ll blend right in.

Ha! Wine bottle photo bomb ;)
Ha! Wine bottle photo bomb 😉

It wasn’t all work this past weekend. We managed to fit in a ‘scrum-dilly-ump-tious’ breakfast at Cracker Barrel, plant a few annuals, barbecue two nights in a row and sip a little wine. We’re sore, a little sun burnt, tired but feeling very accomplished.

How was your weekend?

Family Room: Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Have a good week! – – Joanne

Family Room: Mold Removal

So our family room has a little water damage and mold problem. Meh.

Each spring my family travels to the Outer Banks (aka OBX) in North Carolina for sun and fun. My family has always gone to the Outer Banks – my grandmother, her mother and her mother were born nearby. It’s what we do and it was time to visit again. As everyone packed to go; George and I decided to stay home and take care of business. *sigh* 

Nags Head Fishing Pier
Nags Head Fishing Pier  – Love. My. Girls.

Friday night/Date night was spent at Lowe’s purchasing heavy duty plastic, tape, a P100 respirator, protective eyewear, gloves, disposable rags, bleach and a plastic spray bottle to remove the water damaged wall and flooring along with any hidden mold that lay underneath. $Cha-ching!  Once home, we stayed up late removing EVERYTHING from the family room, taping off doorways and return vents and covering our extremely heavy sofa frame in thick plastic.

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