I get by with a little help from my friends…

When our children were diagnosed with cancer (one as a toddler and the other as a young adult); generous-hearted people from all over helped us out – even some whom that I have never had the honor to meet. I am forever grateful for the prayers, well wishes and help given. People are wonderful.

A young family from my school is facing an uphill battle for their husband/daddy to recover from a recent terrible car accident. In addition, they are expecting a little baby in a few months. As soon as he is able, Kris will travel to Georgia for intense therapy. I think we’ll all agree that energy should be spent in recovery, not dealing with emotional stress that financial strain can bring.

So, I have a favor to ask any who stumble upon this humble blog. Dear Reader, if you can send prayers or good vibes or financial help to this family, it will be much appreciated. To help financially a charitable website, Give Forward has been set up for this family. Thank you for whatever you may offer.

Have a good week! – – Joanne



::A Wonderful Day::

Bear with me. This is NOT a DIY, artsy or home post; but a “things I love” post.

The alarm sounded. I grumbled. It was cloudy and breezy out. Another indoor recess day? *sigh* Didn’t bode well for our annual One-Mile Run.

For the past 20+ years, our school has participated in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, running along the Atlantic on the boardwalk located one block away. So, today as I manned (err, womanned) my post, I took a few photos with my cell. Still a little worried because of the clouds and breeze. Little did I know that a wonderful day was in store . . .


MileRun 1


Starting at the old fishing pier the kids took off, blasting by the now empty hotels. They ran past the old 1895 deWitt cottage (my post), sandy play areas, surfers and die-hard beach goers.




Runners sprinted under the scaffolding for holiday light show (Up already? It’s still October).




These fish sentinels watched over the six- through fourteen-year old student runners. 

So what was the wonderful part?




Witnessing older students enthusiastically cheer on and escort students who find physical activities extremely difficult. I love kindness. Kids can be so cool.

AND, recess was outside today! 🙂


Note: All students depicted have a signed media waiver. However, I chose to use ‘back-of-head’ images!

Have a good week! – – Joanne

It’s Here! Thank You Old Pearly Jenkins!

It’s here!

Just like Christmas in July!

Who knew that a simple little comment would lead to a new friendship and other great things?


I visit Old Pearly Jenkins quite often to see what Down Under is up to. A recent post on a newly slip covered chair (Thanks, Nanny B!) caught my eye for several reasons.


(1) The TITLE

When my oldest married in October, I not only gained a son-in-law, but a lively 8-year-old grandson! After quite a lot of deliberation Connor decided my new name was ‘Nanny B.’

Bryce & Connor playing with (eeew) hermit crabs
Bryce & Connor playing with (eeew) hermit crabs


I am constantly looking at renewing, repurposing and reusing ideas in DIY Land. Love that this slip cover was made out of $5.00 Ikea blankets.

(3) The PILLOW

Whether it is a French bulldog or a Boston terrier – don’t care. It reminded me of my two terrors, Phoebe Darling and Bannon O’Doul’s (yep, the non-beer). The face looks just like our mischievous Phoebe and Douley – there is no off button for them.

source: Old Pearly Jenkins http://oldpearlyjenkins.wordpress.com
source: Old Pearly Jenkins


We’ve been crazy busy for these past few weeks.

Family - got to love 'em!
Family – got to love ’em!

Visiting nieces and nephews, celebrating July 4th, and family birthdays.

Reid: 12 going on 20!
Reid: 12 going on 20! First girl/boy pool par-tay!

As soon as my guests depart, I am running up to Hancock Fabrics to purchase a pillow form.  I’ll be sure to post a photo of this pillow’s new home soon. Isn’t the Internet amazing? I now have a new friend, Tanya, from Down Under. 🙂

Have a great week! – – Joanne