Getting Downright Dirty

My family is nuts. NUTS! My daughters, son-in-law, grandson, sister, nephews and niece banded together and participated in the Dirty Dash over the weekend.  I, on the other hand, watched from afar on a hillside. I’m the sane one. But, regardless of my (saner) feelings, they had such a blast and plan to run again next year 🙂



There is a reason it’s called “Dirty.” I’ll let the photos tell the story . . . 

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I get by with a little help from my friends…

When our children were diagnosed with cancer (one as a toddler and the other as a young adult); generous-hearted people from all over helped us out – even some whom that I have never had the honor to meet. I am forever grateful for the prayers, well wishes and help given. People are wonderful.

A young family from my school is facing an uphill battle for their husband/daddy to recover from a recent terrible car accident. In addition, they are expecting a little baby in a few months. As soon as he is able, Kris will travel to Georgia for intense therapy. I think we’ll all agree that energy should be spent in recovery, not dealing with emotional stress that financial strain can bring.

So, I have a favor to ask any who stumble upon this humble blog. Dear Reader, if you can send prayers or good vibes or financial help to this family, it will be much appreciated. To help financially a charitable website, Give Forward has been set up for this family. Thank you for whatever you may offer.

Have a good week! – – Joanne