Budget White Kitchen Makeover – Part 3



The cabinets and walls are painted. The laminate counters and knobs are attached. The stove/cook range delivered and placed.

kit-stove left




The electrical work was the greatest expense, but very necessary. The kitchen needed three-pronged and grounded outlets. Our nephew, Josh put up the backsplash tile and it’s looking goood! Now we can get the electrical finished up.

kit-backsplash stove


Josh suggested tearing out the wood apron molding under the window. I really like how the tall faucet is now showcased. Glad we listened.  



This past weekend we pulled up the linoleum in preparation for the laminate flooring. We had to scrape, and scrape, and scrape (get the picture?) glue off the plywood subfloor. We have the nicks and cuts to prove it. 😉 



Annnnd, while we were tearing up the linoleum, why not detour and pull up the hallway wall-to-wall carpeting which was covering up hardwood floors?



Since the dining room, family room and hallway hardwood floors all abut the kitchen entrance; we figured that the new floor would look much nicer without the detraction of the wall-to-wall carpet. So out with the diamond black and white linoleum!  



I am gathering receipts and hope to soon have a final reveal and the breakdown of expenses, savings and helpful tips. Thanks for visiting!

Have a good week! – – Joanne

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Easy #DIY Key Rack

I was all set to create a key rack for my sister’s new kitchen (Budget White Kitchen Makeover).



I scrubbed the salvage pieces, gathered the supplies, was ready to start . . .



But, wait. This is HER kitchen. So, the box of supplies went to her house. After fiddling with color and arrangement, she screwed the hooks into a salvage piece.



With a saw tooth picture hanger on the back it was hung in a high traffic area, next to the back door.



Don’t you just love the layers of paint and patina of the wood? My niece got swept up in the ‘creating’ mood and made one for her room.




This was an easy, fun project. The best part was that everyone could take part. When you design and construct anything yourself, it has more value. 🙂


Happy Hayden
Happy Hayden


*any old piece of wood (we used salvaged ‘bull’s eye’ pieces)
*hooks (we used World Market ceramic hooks)
*screws (usually come with the hooks)
*saw tooth picture hanger



We’re still working on the kitchen makeover. The lights are installed, window treatments sewn. The tile backsplash goes up this weekend. The flooring is next. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I hope you’ll check back next week for an update. Thanks for stopping by!

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'Hook' by Hayden
‘Hook’ by Hayden


Have a good week! — Joanne

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Budget White Kitchen Makeover – Part 1

We have a houseful at the moment, haven’t completed our family room or bedroom . . . Annnnd I’ve this brilliant idea to makeover a kitchen. My sister’s 1960 home needs a budget-friendly small kitchen makeover. I think I must work best under pressure. 😉 



brown drop in stove top & copper tile - gotta go!
brown drop in stove top & copper tile – gotta go!


brown wall oven - gone!
brown wall oven – gone!

portable dishwasher - gotta go!
portable dishwasher – gotta go!

The plan is to keep the original solid pine cabinets, extend counter space, add additional storage, add a new range and to brighten up the area. In other words: improve function, modernize and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye – and keep costs to the barest minimum.  We’ve browsed Pinterest, Houzz, DIY blogs and online stores for ideas and inspiration. My sister settled on a modern farmhouse white kitchen. Here are some of our inspiration ideas:

Modern Farmhouse White Kitchen Inspiration:

source: bhg.com

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