Sewing Room Chaos Conquered

To accommodate a lower table for my sewing machine involved rearranging my tiny sewing craft room – which in turn had me decluttering, tossing and cleaning.

An old dining table was a freebie from a friend. I was using it for as a desk but, it is a perfect fit for my new sewing machine table. The vintage chalkboard followed me home from the school attic. I love it but, it takes up a LOT of wall space. I plan to cover and convert it into a quilt design wall.

The shelves (which reside behind the door) now only hold craft supplies, cleverly disguised in new and vintage baskets. The sewing nook (originally a closet) was tidied up. I keep a Brother Project Runway machine because it can sew over 100 different stitches — not that I use them all. My Juki only straight stitches and there are times I need to zigzig. 😉

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Patchwork Quilt Family Portrait

I can’t take credit for this idea; I saw it in a home style magazine many, many years ago. I have wanted (needed 😉 ) a family portrait for some time.


So how did I  manage to acquire this wonderful piece of art? Most of my family lives nearby and having a get-together or impromptu cookout is not unusual. My plan was to invite everyone over to eat, drink and to paint their own portrait square. Of course, the majority response was uncomfortable, insecure and a lot of, “I can’t paint!”


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