::Easy-Peasy Repurpose Project::

One way to use up some of the junk I have is to make this really easy and simple storage organizer.  I’m sure that you’ve seen variations of these on Pinterest.

rolling pin caddy 2

2 enamelware pans of varying sizes

pie tin

rolling pin cut in two pieces

E-6000 glue


Cut the rolling pin in two pieces (1/3 the length).

Glue the upside down pie tin to the bottom of the large enamelware pan. 

Then, glue the ends of the long rolling pin piece: one end to the inside of the large enamelware pan and the other end to the bottom of the small enamelware pan. 

Top off the organizer by gluing the small rolling pin piece inside the small enamelware pan.

rolling pin caddy 1


Use E-6000 glue in a ventilated (preferably outside) area

Tada! Fill with supplies!

rolling pin caddy 3

I plan on making a few more of these organizers for friends.

Have a great week! – – Joanne