Dreaming of Warm Weather

So…like everyone else living on the US east coast, we had a few more school snow days.




So what’s one to do when cabin fever sets in? Take your mother out for some southern comfort food.


If one went by today’s forecast, one would think Spring must be just around the corner. 

source: wavy.com

And…Thursday’s forecast is back down to the low 30°F’s with a chance for snow. Like I said, crazy! I can not fathom Massachusetts’  total snowfall. Incomprehensible. I’m sure I am not the only one itching for Spring’s arrival in 16 days on March 20. Remind me when I complain of the heat in July. 😉

George and I will be my photographer sister’s guests at a 150-year-old cabin tucked in the low hills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend.  At least this snow should be pretty.  I knew there was a reason to learn how to quilt! We’ll definitely bring a few with us on the trip. Hopefully it won’t be too cold and we’ll get a nice portfolio of images.

Try to stay warm! – – Joanne  


Signs of Spring . . .

Why, hello Spring!

Why, Hello Spring!
Why, Hello Spring!

Ginene, of Fox and Finch Antiques, held a recent Springtime Thank You give-away. I was the fortunate recipient of a Green Grass Yankee Candle! It couldn’t have arrived on a better day. It was cold, windy, rainy and I had indoor recess duty. 😕


Ahhhh! The wondrous, light smell of green grass . . .


Ginene lives above her antique shop in a renovated 1929 bank building in the quaint Village of Richmond, Illinois just off the Wisconsin line. To follow her adventures as a historical building owner, or for a variety of tutorials, or to learn more about her antique shop; come pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and visit FoxandFinch.Worpdress.com.

So . . . Thank you very much Ginene! You made my day!

Have a good week!! – – Joanne

My Yard #3: Spring Has Sprung!

At last! I just LOVE spring time. Around here it is the time after the occasional cold winds off the Atlantic and before the suffocatingly unbearable heat. Thought I’d share my just budding yard with you. For this, I can put up with pollen-sneezes!

Mi casa, su casa!
Mi casa, su casa!

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