Potting Bench, Stepping Stones Birthday Surprise

There was a thunderstorm, a  neighborhood transformer blew, my computer suffered the dreaded ‘blue screen of death.’ I’ve been tooling with it, but it is still a little wonky. Oh, well.


I am very fortunate that I have a relatively healthy family, sleep in a cozy bed and am able to set a table. But sometimes I do take life for granted.


For instance . . . One recent evening, my sister and I were sitting outside with a glass of wine. While we lazed about doing absolutely nothin’, my sister commented how much she liked my potting bench that my husband had constructed a few years ago.

Saw Man aka Pyro Man
Saw Man aka Pyro Man

My sister is a young widow with two daughters. Her birthday is just around the corner at the end of July. Well . . . this was a no brainer. My mom and other sister and I purchased the wood and Saw Man went to work.


Not to be outdone, her daughters gathered garden chimes, gloves, spades and pots of flowers. I showed them how to make cement stepping stones. We used bits of shells, beads and glass that we had on hand and picked up other supplies from Michael’s.


Didn’t they turn out lovely?

Loving Hand


I love it when you can brighten someone’s day, don’t you?

BTW, my sister texted an image with: “I love it!”

Happy B-Day!

Have a good week!- – Joanne