Jeans & Sheet Extenders = Stirrups for Boots

While it is always chilly during the annual Polar Plunge; this year was excruciatingly cold. Can you imagine jumping into the ocean? What absolutely brave, generous souls!


This winter has been miserable for so many. I spend a lot of time just trying to keep warm — which translates to: jeans, thick socks, boots, sweaters.

El Señor Puff watching the snow fall
El Señor Puff watching the snow fall

It was an idea I saw on Pinterest, use bed sheet extenders to keep my jeans tucked inside boots. Like home-made stirrup pants. While it did the job, it was really difficult to snap them onto thick jean material and rather uncomfortable inside my boot.

Ouch. No. I could feel the knobby metal hooks.
Ouch. No. Nope.

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Bedroom Revamp Plans

Another “snow day” has allowed me to continue working on my outdated, dark and not-so-large bedroom. While doing so, I don’t want to break the bank. It’s challenging but it is progressing.

tired. tired. tired.
tired. tired. tired.

Creative storage will include lidded baskets to hide all of that extraneous crap in our room, a DIY floordrobe wall hanger and possibly an over-the-door shelf. I know I can scrounge up a basket or two from around the house. I have scrap lumber and door knobs or hooks. I do like these and plan to sew similar pillowcases. One night stand completed; one left to build.

clockwise: basket, Pottery Barn; wall hanger, Pinterest; night stand, Joanne Inspired; pillowcases, Seabold Vintage Market


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Recycled DIY Wreath :: Crazy Easy

It’s still warm out, but I’m getting that fall-like feeling. The trees in our yard are trying to tell me to put away the daisy wreath. 😕 One problem: I don’t have anything “fall-ish” for the entry door.



With wire and a glue gun; anything’s possible, LOL. Right? What I had was a faux fall leaf stem that I had already cut up, a grape vine branch and old left over Indian corn. No matter how I grouped them, nothing clicked. They just looked plain tired.




Looking through my stash (junk), I came across the wood seat I had saved from another project (Sweat Equity Chairs). Hmmm. Possibilities. . .

After wiring and hot-gluing the floras to the wood seat I had a presentable – well maybe eccentric – wreath for our entry.




You can see the old nail and screw holes in the seat if you look close.  I didn’t have to drill. Yea! It was very easy and took only 30 minutes!


wreath-fall-first done

What do you think?

Have a good week! – – Joanne

Vintage Stained Glass Window Obsession

Hello. I did not fall off the face of the Earth – I’ve been kept hopping these past few weeks since school started back. As the ITRT/Tech Coordinator, I’ve been kept busy ironing out glitches with our new online grading, website and email system . . .

But, enough of my whining . . .

Old Pearly Jenkins pillow photo bomb :)
Old Pearly Jenkins pillow photo bomb 🙂

I started collecting vintage stained glass windows in the 1990s. They weren’t too much on the radar and reasonably inexpensive. I’m embarrassed to say it became an obsession.

I’ve tried to capture the hues of the glass, but with sunlight shining through, the photos are not the best quality (sorry).

Originally from Victorian England, I like to use these windows as repurposed (or is it reused?) blinds or curtains. They add privacy, don’t block the light and are visually pretty.

My favorite is a large 28″ X 46″ (72 cm X 117 cm) stained glass window that was hung in the living room. I remember paying $45. I purchased this set from a stuffy warehouse about 20 years ago.


I love how the sun shines through the colorful pebbled glass.


In the kitchen I use two different styles. One set was refitted to metal framing (makes them much lighter in weight).


But, I really like the jewel tones in the window over the sink.


But, of course there is a set in the dining room. They really sparkle when the chandelier is lit. (This light fixture is original to our home and I can’t bear to remove it).


Last, the guest room windows are set in their original (sanded) wooden frames. This room needs a MAJOR re-do. But, I’ll keep the windows for another room. 🙂


So what do you think? A sickness? It really isn’t too bad. Afterall, there are over 25 windows in our home; it could be a LOT worse. LOL.

Have a good week! – – Joanne

DIY Real Wedding

“Mom, would you help us plan a really simple DIY, home-grown, ‘blended-family’, outdoor fall wedding?”


Months after the wedding, my daughter and I gathered together the ideas, tips, suggestions, etc. to share – hopefully making it a tad easier for others to plan their own DIY “laid-back”, casual, outdoor special day. Beware: many photos!

We hope you can use an idea or find some little thing useful from this post 🙂


Inspiration Piece


We found an old box of inexpensive aqua Atlas canning jars in a junk shop.


Initial Planning

Right away: Choose a venue, set a date and contact the officiate.

Create a Planning/Checklist

Browse Pinterest and online interactive planning websites

Start Gathering: DIY, Borrow, Thrift Shops

Write out Guest List

Purchase Invitations online

Determine wedding attire

Plan Menu

Write a ‘Wedding Photos to be Taken’ List


The Day Before (AKA: Set Up)

Canopies & Other Supplies: Both my husband and son-in-law were eligible to reserve canopies, tables and chairs from the local Morale, Welfare & Recreation center. It was a considerable savings! We borrowed coffee and drink urns, platters and chafing dishes. An uncle provided ice for the canoe we filled with beer, wine, water and apple-pie moonshine. 🙂

BBC_setting up tables1

More ideas:

  • Canopies can be very expensive. If you live near a military base, are eligible (or know a friend who is) it is possible to save a bundle by renting tables, chairs, canopies, etc. from a local Morale, Welfare & Recreation storehouse.
  • Try to borrow chairs and tables from a local group (Scouts, church, benevolent group). Remember to make a donation!
  • Place waterproof seating arrangements.


  • String plastic lighting around edge of canopy and in trees for evening lighting.
  • Repurpose vintage windows. Great-grandmother’s 100-year-old carriage garage house windows were turned into inspirational signage. (See DIY Vintage Windows as Signs here).


  • Fill wheelbarrows, galvanized tubs, john boats or canoes with ice and load with drinks.


BBC_cake cut


The Special Day Arrives

Good Morning, Sunshine!


Bouquet & Boutonniere: Simple. Grocery-store bought rose nosegay and hand-crafted boutonniere from the Etsy shop, The White Bouquet.



Directional Signs: These were placed strategically to help guests find their way since the wedding was in the ‘boonies’. The groom’s mom created signs from scrap lumber, paint and balloon’s. My daughter and son-in-law’s names are pronounced “BRY-en” phonetically and we teasingly call them “Brianne Pink” and “Brian Blue” – hence the pink and blue balloons.



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Soda Can Angel

soda can angel frontb

Looking through blogs, I found lots of inspiration (One Lucky Day and Indestructibleson how to repurpose my saved soda cans and scrap pallet left over from building two tables (see Pallet + Plywood Workspace Table and Pallet Project:  Kitchen Island/Worktable here).  Using supplies I had on hand, my main goal was to construct layered wings by recycling soda cans and somehow attach my completed piece to a pallet scrap.

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