TV Multimedia Console, Part 1

George and I spent the weekend helping our daughter and son-in-law build a TV-multimedia console.  Brianne and Brian found online plans that would suit their needs, but desired storage with more of a mid-century flair.


How to Specialist: How to Build a TV Stand

The inspiration choices were narrowed down. However, it still wasn’t quite what they had in mind. They didn’t want all the wiring and electronics exposed, but were concerned about enclosing heat-producing electronics.



A trip to Home Depot solved the dilemma. The solution was to insert radiator sheeting in the doors and cut ventilation into the back of the unit. In addition, the legs were switched out for round 5.5 inch wood turned legs reminiscent of the Mad Men era.  

The console is basically a wood rectangular box with a divider and shelves.  A channel was routed into the doors in which to inlay the radiator sheet. A center divider holds up shelving for the variety of electronics. 





Brianne started staining the console doors, but isn’t sure if she likes the color. 


This project will have to wait until another weekend. That leaves time to attach the legs and muddle over the stain/paint matter. 🙂

Have a good week! – – Joanne

TV Console, Part 2

My Workspace: Phase #2 (Sew Nook)


The cutting, sanding, painting, shelf and sewing table installation into the “used-to-be-closet” is just about complete. I used paint I already had on the walls and ceiling to prepare the space. (More on demolition here).

sn-full view

Loose junk is hidden away in a vintage oak slat picnic basket (collecting these is a guilty habit).  A variety of mason jars hold buttons. Fabrics are kept in see-through baskets (Garden Ridge).  The thread rack (Wal-Mart) and piece of scrap peg board  for my sewing tools were spray painted to match.

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