Ceiling Tile Works of Art

I love to visit my school’s art room to see what the students are working on under the encouragement of our fantabulous art teacher. A recent project was painting ceiling tiles for the art room and hallways.




I’m ah-mazed at the vibrancy, depth and skill these young people displayed in their works. I just had to share a few close-ups of the tiles with you.



Can you recognize the budding Mondrian, Warhol or Lichtenstein?



I wonder if I can sweet talk a few into my classroom domain? ūüėČ

I hope you enjoyed the mini-gallery display. ūüôā

Have a good week! — Joanne

Sewing Machine Cozy

I’m enjoying a ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ day off today. *happy sigh* A perfect day to catch up on small incomplete projects. In March, I posted about our Bedroom Revamp Plans.

I love the clean look of a white cotton matelass√© paired with a patchwork quilt. Well, I found the matelass√© . All that was missing was the quilt. I didn’t want a mass-produced quilt; yet I didn’t want to break the bank on an antique quilt, either. What’s a girl to do? Why, sew her own quilt, of course. While it is taking a little longer than I thought, I am so determined to complete this project. It will get done. I promise. LOL.

clockwise: Coastal Living; I Didn’t Say Banana; The Sometimes Crafter; BHG.com

Because of my on-going quilt project, I now have quite a collection of fabric scraps. Hmm.
¬†My sewing machine needed a cover (cozy). What better way to practice learning how to piece and quilt? Now remember . . .¬† I’m learning. You’ll see my mistakes right away (hint: spools). ūüėē But, I learned a good deal doing this little project:

Sewing Machine Cozy

Take Measurements

Measure the length of your machine; include the hand wheel on the side.

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2013 Favorites

::<>::      Looking back on 2013      ::<>::

Another quick year gone. Is it because I am growing older that the years are flying? ūüėČ

All the same, 2013 was a decent year. I dipped my toes, left my comfort zone. I was encouraged and I learned. I was inspired by some very clever folks, homegrown and professional. Here are just a few. Hats off and thanks to all of you (check them out!):

Old Pearly Jenkins


Hello Scarlet


For Those Who Love Dresses

Pretty Handy Girl


:: <> :: <> :: <> ::

. . .And then, some of my own personal DIY favs that made me happy:

DIY Vintage Rustic Outdoor Wedding
DIY Blended-Family Outdoor Wedding


Doggie Biscuits
Doggie Biscuits in a Jar Gift


Dream Art Workspace aka Craft Room
Dream Art Workspace aka Craft Room


What a year, right?  Thank you for visiting my humble blog. I look forward to another fantastic 365 days of sharing with you. 

May you have a happy and healthy 2014!

— Joanne

Craft Room -aka – Art Dream Workspace



Come in¬†to my workroom dubbed Art Dream Workspace. It’s a dream that is now a reality. Oh, more still needs to be done (curtains, more storage, etc.) but I am ecstatic!

Where to begin?


The two biggest priorities were that family could spend time together in this room and because this is a very small room, and as you can see every inch is used, storage and organization was a must!



The breakfront secretary cabinet¬†was a $25 USD Craigslist find that I painted with MMS Linen and Luckett’s Green Milk Paints. It’s full of jars and baskets that hold bits and pieces, glue guns, hole punches, stickers, yarn and crap galore.


cr-jars 1

cr-jars 2



Even the top of this cabinet is used for storing driftwood finds.


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DIY Paint Storage/Book Shelf :: DIY Chalk Paint

After taking care of my small craft paint storage problem, it was time to organize my larger paint pots, stains, waxes, brushes and tapes. My limitations were that the room is small, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and it needed to be within reach of my easel.


This was a quick and cheap DIY project. The only thing I had to buy were the bun feet. I used scrap lumber (from Sewing Nook project), four purchased bun feet and an assortment of free paint samples. The shelf consists of the basic top/bottom and sides with one shelf and a thin back piece. I wiped the wood down, but did not sand or scrape any old paint off. While not a fine piece, it def suits my needs!


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Pallet Wood Craft Paint Organizer


My craft paint supply had outgrown the vintage soda crate they were stored in. Plus, I work in a very small room and I needed to regain precious shelf space.

.Paint Shelfold


A cheap space saving organizer was needed. I like cheap; but no cost is even better! Left over paint, pallet and bead board scraps were used to build a larger organizer.


Paint Shelf


Pallet strips left over from other projects (Pallet Kitchen Island¬†Worktable and Pallet + Plywood Workspace Table) were used to build a “frame” and a sheet of bead board (Half-bath Remodel) was used as backing. Two more pieces of pallet were used for the inner shelves. To hold it all in, a thin strip of finishing wood was added to the front of each shelf. To tie the woods together, MMS Luckett’s Green Milk Paint was dry-brushed over the organizer. Kind of looks like a rough and rustic, overgrown spice rack. ūüėČ

Space saving, cheap and precious shelf space regained!

Have a good week! – – Joanne