Scrap Happy: Mini Pouch

This is the perfect project to use up scraps. The result is a cute little box zipper pouch. The Little Clover Pouch pattern calls for a 10″ square each of exterior and lining fabric and fusible fleece. This pattern is a free download and “perfect for a beginner!” (Hmm. Some kind of warning label?)

Looked like an easy, fun, quick, functional project. . . Then, why?!? have I attempted to sew three pouches, with each descendant promising to correct my mistakes? Don’t worry. I haven’t thrown in the towel. Hopefully, the fourth endeavor will yield desired results.

My fair attempts:

#1 Forgot the lining fabric and ribbon tab (my favorite)

#2 Remembered. Buuut, placed the ribbon tab too low

#3 Placed ribbon tab too high

The ribbon tab should meet at the contrasting fabric/zipper seam middle. *sigh* Maybe I’ll skip the ribbon tab on the fourth go ’round. 😉 I still like this scrap buster project. I plan to use one as a travel pouch for small plastic sewing clips. Scrap Happy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything and is hosted monthly by Kate and Gun

Have a good week! — Joanne

Favorite 2018 Projects

Over margaritas, quilty friends and I were discussing favorite projects from this past year. I have a few, two of my favorite were an auction package for my school and the Go Teal it on the Mountain. Yesterday, I created a pillow casing from an old feed sack (zipper and all!) and placed a fat feather pillow inside.


Perfect for snuggling up for holiday break TV binge-watching. 🙂 Anyhoo, here are a few of my favorite projects from 2018:


I have two unfinished quilts that I hope to work on next week – didn’t quite get them done in time for 2018. Ah, well. So? I hope to hear about some of your own favorites that you’ve worked on in 2018.

Regardless, Happy 2019! May this year bring you and your’s health and happiness.

Have a good 2019! – – Joanne

Ticking Trends & Zipper Pouches

The use of ticking for decorative purposes is not a recent trend. Seventy years ago, the American decorating original, Sister Parish, made use of ticking fabric evoking a “cozy old-money, part opulent, part hand-me-down, English country house aesthetic. “¹  

An online perusal attests that ticking featured décor has not diminished, but rather expanded. Reminiscent of a more humble time, the clean simple lines and color tones of cotton ticking inspires a modern-vintage lure without kitsch. 



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